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Marketplace Discipleship

Dynamic Life Ministries is an Apostolic and Prophetic Presbytery of Five-Fold Ministers and Associated Ministries relating together to build the Kingdom through the Locality Church model and provide Apostolic Relationship and Association to support and equip the Local Church in unity and purpose to Magnify Christ, reflect His Presence, His Glory and flow together in His Anointing through boldness and power in the Holy Ghost. Collectively imparting Spiritual Gifts; teaching; equipping and making disciples in the Kingdom of God, so that the entire Body of Christ fulfils their full potential and purpose in Him and walks together in unity as the DAY of the SAINTS brings a mighty army of Disciples and Ministers to do the work of the Ministry in every area and facet of Family, Business, commerce and community.

As we are one Body, One Church, our desire is to create a platform to facilitate the Five-Fold Ministers and Ministries working together and foster integration of the different offices and functions of the Ministry to be organically relational so that as a collective we walk together to Equip the Saints for the Work of ministry as we take Christianity to the Community. 

When one becomes Born-Again we begin a transformational journey from being merely Followers of Christ, to becoming Disciples and then ministers and finally multipliers so the Kingdom of God is Advanced and enlarges across the entire world.


Partnering with Dynamic Life Ministry does not mean leaving your local Allotment where God has placed you, it means walking together with us so we have opportunity to Love you, Feed you and Equip You for your specific giftings and callings that will enable us all to work together in the Kingdom to help support each other and be better together.


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