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Relate, Lead, Teach, Align for Ministry 


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Equipping the Saints


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Apostolic Fathering

God has impressed within our Spirits that is a Holy Nation RESET and REBUILD.

Our First strategic emphasis is for:
DEEPER RELATIONAL CONNECTIVITY wherein we build Accountable Relationships in three distinct formations.
1. The Fathers, Leaders & Apostles Accountably relating together.
2. The Fathers and Leaders  Accountably relating to Sons, and Sons Accountably relating to Fathers and Leaders
3. All Ministers, be it Five-Fold or Market-place Ministers Accountably relating to Community to make disciples and win the lost to Christ.

God’s desire is for the Body of Christ to operate as a single body where each joint supply and all are in an accountable relationship with like-minded fellow ministers.


So many Congregational leaders and individual Five-Fold Ministers have no relational structures to which they turn for support, guidance or just great personal fellowship, let alone accountability and protection.


COVENANT RELATIONSHIP is the absolute foundation of accountability and true fellowship because it’s a safe space, of COVENANT FRIENDSHIP and not judgement or “teacup” unity or agreement, a bunch of “yes men”, but a Father Friend who speaks into our lives with love, purity of Heart and has intent only to see us protected, and walk Righteously in the Lord.


Ministerial Relationships are not denominational associations, or collectives of ministers in fraternal, and there is nothing wrong with that, and we support the association of like-mindedness which is to be fostered,  but direct Covenant Relationship and Friendship where open and honest sharing of the soul, character and conduct can be safely accountable in a raw honest building foundation that is friendship based and not functionally based is the true heart of the Apostle.


Covenant Relationship not only means fellowship or friendship it also means Accountability and we willingly give access and step-in rights to people to speak into our lives and ministry and be able to probe Character and Conduct. This is always best when the people we allow to speak into our lives are our very Covenant Friends and not some arbitrary intervener, Denominational Leaders or head office functionary.


Dynamic Life Ministries Apostolic Relationship is open to all those Five-Fold Ministers and Ministries who believe in accountability and desire to be grafted into a family where they are loves, cared for and Fathered in the Faith so they are not left in a wilderness experience or isolation during the challenges faced through everyday ministry.

This Apostolic Relationship bring stability to the Local Congregation and gives security to both the lead pastor and the Congregational ministers.

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Fathers and Sons/Daughters

The Prophet Isaiah wrote, "Unto us, a child is born, unto us, a son is given," referring to Jesus.  He continues that Jesus would be known as "The Everlasting Father." 


Jesus journeyed from being a child to becoming a Son in whom the Father was well pleased, to fathering a group of men and woman that would change the world, making a way for them and for us to know our heavenly Father.

Living in this truth, relating to spiritual Fathers on earth and growing to be Fathers or Mothers ourselves is vitally important to the advancement of the kingdom of heaven on earth.  It is the sowing of the "sons of the kingdom" that will bring about the great harvest and usher in the return of the King.

Fathers and Sons

Fathering a Congregation

Fathering a congregation

The very Heart of the Father, is Fathering.

All through Scripture God has appointed and continues to appoint “fathers” and history reflects that mankind has done likewise for countless generations.

God called Abraham the “Father of many nations”, Adam is referred to as the “Father of the human race”, Jacob is the “Father of Israel”, Paul is the “Father to the Gentiles” and become a “Father to us all”.

God uses certain called and anointed men and individuals for the role of fathering. Apostles of old and in today’s context are the spiritual fathers in the Body of Christ because they are needed for the role of fathering, nurturing, mentoring and through such Apostolic Fathers Christ wants to bless and strengthen the Church.

In Ephesians 4:11-13, the role of apostles is clear and given purpose to mature the Church, equip the Saints for the work of the Ministry.

“As apostles of Christ we could have been a burden to you, but we were gentle among you, like a mother caring for her little children… For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God…” these are the words of Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2:6-7, 11-12  and Apostle Paul clearly articulates the role of Apostolic


Fathering, which is Relational in its very essence and foundation.

Study if you will the last verses in Malachi 4:6 God sums up the entire Old Testament and concludes by revealing His heart in that He will send the Prophet Elijah to “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers” or else there would be a curse.

Proper Apostolic Relational Fathering in the Body of Christ removes a curse of some description on the land.

Not only do we need to see apostles restored to the Body of Christ in the Five-Fold Ministry, but we need to see the return of fathering and the nature of relational Christianity rather than legalism and denominationalism.


As we find that the heart comes back into these relationships there will be a great victory for the Kingdom. We were always meant to have fathers, and they are apostles of the Faith.


Fathering Discipleship gives freedom, without placing expectations.


The primary characteristic of fathering/mothering others is expressing “covering love” toward the weaknesses, shortcomings, and growth process of others. (1 Pet.4:8, Rm.15:1)

We cover in love, Dynamic Life is where you get picked as we will never say, “I told you so.” we keep giving input as wanted.

People have free will and we embrace it, letting go of any expectations, as we know ultimately everyone has to find their own way forward in life. (Gal.6:5)

The Body of Christ is so in need of an army of fathering/mothering leaders to disciple the next generation. Leaders who will give freedom to HIS disciples to grow and learn yet cover and protect them in love.

This is what we offer: 


Fathering Disciples
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